Cast bullets have long been prized for their affordability, stellar performance on game, and suitability in a broad span of calibers. Unfortunately, despite the large bore diameters and moderate velocities typical of the African chamberings, owners of dangerous game rifles have generally been left with few commercial options but the jacketed and lathe turned offerings of certain specialized manufacturers, which perform superbly on the hunt but are wholly unnecessary on the range and in many field conditions. In some cases the shooter may, of course, choose to adapt pistol bullets for his purposes, but this is only a partial solution—the high velocities, thin jackets, imprecise bore fit, and poorly optimized twist rates inherent to this practice compromise accuracy and jeopardize terminal performance, frequently producing an unsatisfactory shooting experience for all concerned. 

At Bengal Bullets, we provide an affordable cast option for the marksmen who depend on the most powerful rifles in the world (as well as a growing line of products for standard applications). Our lineup extends to most of the traditional safari calibers, including the stopping numbers—.577 and .600—which call for specialized tooling (no commercial manufacturer markets gas checks of this size). Each Bengal bullet is coated with our remarkably effective lube, ensuring their suitability for the velocities and precision expected of modern firearms. New bullet designs and load data for catalog items are available upon request. 
In all cases, the customer may choose between hardened or air-cooled options. 

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